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Very Rare First Edition Signed Jean Perzel Sconces Wall Lamps Model 344 BM, 1930


Very rare set of Jean Perzel wall lamps. Comes with the original mirror glass inner lampshade, which are actually never present. This is model 344 BM and this is the first edition. Signed and in good condition with beautiful patina. Comes with confirmation of originality 1st edition by Aterlier Jean Perzel.


Designer: Jean Perzel

Producer: Ateliers Jean Perzel

Model: Wall lamps, Scones

Period: 1930

Materials: Chromium-plated, Mirror glass

Measurements: Height 32 cm, Depth 34 cm, Diameter 30.5 cm

Condition: Good with amazing patina

Very Rare First Edition Signed Jean Perzel Sconces Wall Lamps Model 344 BM, 1930

SKU: 20319
  • Jean Perzel was born to Bruck, in Bavaria (Germany), on May 2nd, 1892.
    Learns very young painter’s job glassworker in Munich and, in 16 years, taken out the first one of the school, it begins, on foot, its tour of Europe: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Swiss, High Italy, then France. Along the way, he is hired in studios(workshops) to make his living and to know the various techniques. He arrives in 1910 to Paris, between at a master glazier who sends him at the end of one year to execute works important for Algiers. Return in Paris in 1914: it is the war; he(it) makes a commitment in the Foreign Legion, is demobilized in 1919 and naturalized French. He still works as painter glassworker, in particular at Gruber.

    The consecration
    From 1920 to 1939, Art Deco revolutionized 20th century architecture and design…The period also gave birth to the Jean Perzel company, which would also make its mark on the world of lighting and design. Jean Perzel’s light fixtures and furniture in both glass and bronze later adorned the world’s most prestigious addresses… from the King’s Court in Belgium to the home of Henry Ford as well as the Rothschild’s family residence. He also conceived the lighting for the League of Nations in Geneva, the Luxembourg Cathedral, the Embassy of Canada at Lahaye, and even the French cruise ship Normandie.
    Jean Perzel took home numerous awards in international exhibitions and contests …notoriety that earned him popularity with a host of celebrities and politicians. He brought new life and light to the interiors of the King of Morocco, Bangkok’s King of Siam in Bangkok, the Maharaja of Indore, and French presidents General De Gaulle and Georges Pompidou.

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