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Vintage design furniture

Vintage design & art

Nardo has been taught the beauty of photography and art from an early age. As a 7 year old boy he quickly became fascinated by watching his father work in his photo studio and at the forge. The transformation of a piece of white paper into an image. A photo. The two gifted hands that handled the anvil, hammer and the forge to give birth to a piece of art. Ever since the magic of the imagination through arts took control of Nardo. 


In 2004 Nardo graduated with distinction from the Photo Academy of Amsterdam. A year later he won the Photo Academy Award with the production “Brainfood”. After several striking national and international exhibitions Nardo felt a strong desire to continue his development and take his passion to a higher level.


As a result Nardo started in 2015 NardoDaVintage, a collection of unique vintage designs. Authentic pieces that are one of kind  with their own story. With a heart. And a soul. In his search for unique design Nardo follows his intuition and thoroughly examines the subjects history and background. With quite often the discovery of a gem as a result.


Due to his creative background, unconventional taste,  imagination and generosity, Nardo is often asked for advice on the purchase of an item which he is always happy to give. He believes in the beauty of art, in the capacity of art to enlighten life as such and  is happy to share his beliefs and experiences. Over the years Nardo has built up an extensive (inter) national clientele including private collectors, companies and investors.


The NardoDaVintage collection consists of unique, inspirational objects, ready to start a second life. A new life that they’re entitled to, because they deserve a better place in our society and are an essential part of our commitment to sustainability.

Vintage furniture, Design furniture, Mid century furniture, Mid modern furniture, Secondhand furniture

Vintage furniture
Design furniture
Secondhand Furniture
Secondhand Furniture
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