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XL Glass Window Wall ( Lamp ) Sculpture


Designer: Unknown

Producer: Unknown

Model: Wall Lamp, Window, Sculpture, Lamp

Period: 1977

Materials: Glass

Measurements: Height 100 cm, Width 84 cm, Depth 3,5 cm

Condition: Good with signs of wear. Some pieces are bit with cut glass


Additional Info:

This beautiful piece comes from a Rietveld house in The Hague in the Netherlands. Because the Rietveldhuis is a monument and had to be renovated in its old state, the window had to be removed because it was donated in 1977 by HBM. It is a very heavy work of art. As you can see we put a lamp behind the glassware when photographing. So you can see how beautifully the light shines through. On request we can have a cabinet made around it so that you can use it as a wall lamp. For now, this rare piece is as it is.

XL Glass Window Mosaic Wall ( Lamp ) Sculpture

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