Slaves Of Holland, Made By Nardo, 2009


The series "Slaves of Holland" can be ordered in different sizes. The photos can be printed up to 180 cm in length. This will also be done in consultation. The photos are delivered at museum quality. Contact us for several options.

"Slaves Of Holland" Made By Nardo, 2009

  • "Slaves of Holland" by photographer Nardo gives a confronting picture of the Dutch role in the history of slavery. Nardo plays with stereotypical images and reverses the roles, causing the viewer to be misled. This series challenges the viewer to reflect on this controversial period in Dutch history. The photos are raw and pure staging, made in various settings and in different locations.

    Nardo: "My father is Afro-Surinamese and my mother a white Dutch - a relationship that would have been impossible during slavery. Slavery was abolished almost 150 years ago, but it remains a sensitive subject. It is a historical fact that has had a huge influence on our country and our culture. I often work from a controversial angle. Not to provoke, but out of curiosity. That triggers discussions and emotions.