Set Of Four Cast Molten Aluminum Dining Chairs Design By Quasar Khanh


Price Is For The Set Of Four. Each item is unique, signed and numbered.


Designer : Quasar Khanh

Producer : Quasar Khanh

Model : Nervure armchair dining chairs

Period : 1998

Materials : Cast molten aluminum

Measurements : Height 77 cm, Width 66 cm, Depth 58 cm, Seat Height 43 cm, Armrest height 62 cm

Condition : Good 

Set Of Four Cast Molten Aluminium Dining Chairs Design By Quasar Khanh

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  • If he remains unknown to the general public, Quasar Khahn is nevertheless a brilliant precursor to which Philippe Starck says: "If I had a master, it is him!" ".
    Quasar Khanh made the first prototypes himself in 1975-1976. Because the edition was complicated, he kept it for personal use in his home in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine). In 1986 I started to get interested in these pieces and how we could produce them. It took a long time to find the workshops because few still work with the sand molding technique, which Quasar was very keen on. He did not want injection molds because on the one hand they are very expensive and on the other hand they produce very industrial, standardized parts. Since we live in Vietnam, we took the parts with us and started looking for… The first watering can we found was installed in the Chinese district of Saigon. When we arrived, at the entrance there was a huge pile of spare parts from old American army vehicles in aluminum (tanks, jeeps…). It was their supply of raw materials, as this metal can be melted down ad infinitum.
    At the time of designing this collection, Quasar Khanh was known for its inflatable, futuristic furniture.