Rare Vintage Mid Century Melaina Floor Lamp Design By Renato Toso For Leucos Italy, 1968


Designer: Renato Toso

Producer: Leucos

Model: Melaina floor lamp

Period: 1968

Materials: Murano glass lamp bowl, iron feet, chrome tube standers

Weight: The Murano glass lampshade bowl weight around the 20 kilo's 

Measurements: Height 172 cm, Width 66 cm, Depth 66 cm. Glass lampshade bowl diameter 66 cm, iron feet diameter 35 cm

Condition: Good 

Rare Vintage Melaina Floor Lamp Design By Renato Toso For Leucos Italy, 1968

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  • The Leucos Melania pendant lamp was designed by Renato Toso in 1968.

    The Leucos company was founded in 1962 in Scorzé in the outskirts of Venice. Later they moved to the neighborhood of Salzano, some 25 kilometers from the legendary city. Leucos soon became an important producer in glass decorative lighting.

    Designers that worked for Leucos were and are amongst others: Carlo Nason, Roberto Pamio, Eva Zeisel, Mauro Marzollo, Paolo Crepax. Jorge Pensi, Roberto Paoli, the Rockwell Group. Paolo de Lucchi, Carmen Ferrara, and many others.

    Text from their website: “Architects and designers, from diverse cultural backgrounds, have always found and still find in LEUCOS an excellent company able to merge an experienced glass craftsmanship with industrial processes and the most reliable technologies.”

    Renato Toso, Noti Massari & Associates
    The company Renato Toso, Noti Massari & Associates was founded in 1996 and consists of Renato, Noti Massari and children Anna, Marco, Pio and Tito Toso.

    Mister Toso was born in Murano (Venice, Italy) in 1940. He helped to establish an associated architectural and design studio along with Roberto Pamio and Noti Massari (1939).