Maarten van Severen U-Line desk lamp BA11 & U-Line Floor Lamp ST11


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Designer: Maarten van Severen

Producer: U-Line

Model: Desk Lamp BA11, Floor Lamp ST11

Style: Minimalistic

Period: 1997

Materials: Anodised Grey Base, Anodised Graphite Base, Epoxy Aluminium Metal

Measurements: Desk LampHeight: 50 cm, Width: 80 cm, Depth: 23,5 cm. Floor Lamp Height: 122 cm, Width 60 cm, Depth: 23,5 cm. 

Condition: Signs Of Wear, Patina

Maarten van Severen U-Line desk lamp BA11 & Floor Lamp ST11

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  • Maarten Van Severen was a Belgian furniture designer and interior architect. He came from an artistic family: his father was the abstract working painter Dan Van Severen and his brother Fabiaan Van Severen is also a designer. 
    Born: June 5, 1956, Antwerp, Belgium
    Died: February 21, 2005, Ghent, Belgium