"Gangs Of Amsterdam" Made By Nardo, 2007


The series ""Gangs Of Amsterdam" can be ordered in different sizes. The photos can be printed up to 150 cm in length. This will also be done in consultation. The photos are delivered at museum quality. Contact us for several options.

"Gangs Of Amsterdam" Made By Nardo, 2007

  • Gang Of Amsterdam, 2007

    They are boys. And not nice guys, at first glance. But photographer Nardo wants to shed a different light with his series Gangs of Amsterdam on the threatening image of groups of black men full of tattoos and bling bling, united in gangs, in their own city districts in Amsterdam. "There is also a lot of positivity in it. They are often at the basis of new, original cultural developments, "he says. "Those gangs are primarily groups of friends. It's not like the American street gangs killing each other. Whether they are criminal? I did not notice. I haven't seen a gun. They are friends for life. Rappers, hip hoppers. They respect each other. "

    Nardo has experienced this himself. He is from Amsterdam North. "I also lived on the street and was part of a group. But there is also the seed for my passion for music, film, theater and photography. I was part of a rap group and successfully completed the Photo Academy Amsterdam. My photography is not about the representation of the flat, visible reality, but about the feeling and the spirit that are embedded in the subject. "

    Which does not change the threatening sight of a corridor. Nardo fights that threat: "What is really bothering you? That is my question. People are especially bothered by the image that evokes something, the image in their head. It's your fear. You think: golden tooth, cap, tattoos, chains, large group: get out. But it is largely about things they like. Just beautiful, nothing else. And what they like is scary to you. Without that fear of yours, there is sometimes little real threat left. I would love it if people took a look through that. It is also a valuable culture. What I want to show in my photos is not primarily the raw reality, but the beauty and innocence that is also hidden behind the facade. The togetherness and the hope.

    As I wanted to capture them, they are friends, loyal, creative friends. Look, in America those gangs get so intense because they have nothing. It just isn't that serious here. If you compare these Amsterdam boys to this ... "

    Guys. So still: nice guys.