Dieter Rams 606 Series Wall Unit For Vitsoe, 60s


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Designer : Dieter Rams

Producer : Vitsoe

Model : 606

Period : 60s

Materials : Wood, aluminium, metal

Measurements : Width 335 cm

Condition : Good with some small signs of wear, not disturbing


Dieter Rams 606 Series Wall Unit For Vitsoe, 60s

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  • Arrangement in width 3 units of 90 cm wide and one of 66 cm placed (from right to left).

    Bottom shelves/shelves and large cabinet are 38 cm deep, top shelves are 24 cm deep. Total length is 335 cm.

    Loose custom shelves with wheels have been added by a renowned company, and there are two more shelves with suspension profiles that are not shown in the photo.

    The cabinet is internally very professional with an aluminum bottom plate provided due to deflection.

    When purchasing, it was decided for aesthetic reasons not to let the suspension profiles continue from bottom to top, this makes it more difficult to build a different configuration.

    What is special is that the system is still for sale.
    New suspension profiles are therefore still for sale.