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"Brainfood" Made By Nardo, 2004


"Brainfood" Made By Nardo, 2004


Nardo graduated with Cum Laude in December 2004 from the Academy of Photography ( Amsterdam ) with his much acclaimed series of 'Brainfood'. In quite profound and direct manners, Nardo reacts with impulsive and emotional image's to his fellow men society, and the world in general. Nardo's soul searching reachest out to the purity of photography itself and with this to the purity of his own emotions and experiences.

Nardo was acclaimed Overall Winner of the 2005 Photo Academie Award for his Brainfood series. This collection of 34 polaroids showing the emotions, ideas, desires and the fears, that domonate his perspective on life and society. This was Nardo's final exam project.

This serie can be ordered in different sizes. The photos can be printed up to 90 cm in length. This will also be done in consultation. The photos are delivered at museum quality. Contact us for several options.

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